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The island in every sip


Blonde Ale

It is the classic easy-to-drink beer, with a deep straw color and  refreshing taste.

It reveals a hint of sweetness, but leaves room to a quite dry sip immediatly.

The aromatic set is composed with spicy and earthy notes, coming from hops, with fruity hints

(like citrus, white and yellow fruit) obtained by the essential work of the yeasts, and  completed

by the malty component that can remember honey, bread crust, etc.

It is ideal to accompany any dish expecially in summer.

It is recommended to serve at 5-7 ° C

in a tall and slender glass or in a classical mug of beer.

IBU 25 - Alc. 5.0%



Carob flavored pilsner

It is a beer very clear, golden in color with choppery reflections and a characteristic fresh taste, pleasantly bittersweet, floral and light spicy. The strong bitter typical of the czech hops Saaz,

used in pilsner brewing, is rounded off by the sweetish aroma of carob making this beer

a real sicilian pilsner. 

It is excellent combined with dishes based on

tuna "bottarga" (salted tuna eggs), prawns or fried fish.


Best to serve at 5-8 °C in a tall narrow glass or
in a glass to close to highlight and collect better the delicate
carob perfume, without letting it disperse.

IBU 40 - Alc. 5.0%


Wild fennel flavored weizen

It is a golden beer, with veiled greenish reflections, made with a mix of wheat and barley. It stands out from classic weizen beers because of its original flavor enriched with the aniseed notes of wild fennel giving it an intense aroma and a pleasant, fresh and herbaceous aftertaste. The typical aromas of this beer style blend perfectly with the Sicilian character of wild fennel making this beer unique and exceptionally balanced.


It is very refreshing and excellent in combination with

dishes based on fresh tuna such as tuna tartare, tuna steack or grilled tuna.


It gives its best if served at 6-8 °C in the classic weizenglass

or  in a teku, a particular universal tasting glass.

It is recommended to pay attention to also pour the yeast residues on the bottom of the bottle,

in which most of the very particular aromatic profile is collected.


IBU 15 - Alc. 5.0%



Rosemary and bitter orange flavored American Pale Ale

It is an amber beer, with a citrus and balsamic flavor with toasted and caramel notes.

It is characterized by the original aroma of rosemary underlined by the sweet and sour notes

of the bitter orange peel. Together, they enhance the aromatic bouquet of American hops, taking to another level the perception of the bitter aftertaste typical of this recipe.


Its particular aromatic profile, makes this beer excellent

as accompaniment to raw fish and shellfish.


It is recommended to serve it at 9-10 °C

in a flared glass or in a teku, universal tasting glass.



IBU 50 - Alc. 6.2%


Prickly pears flavored tripel

It is a belgian style golden beer with an high alcohol content.

It has a complex aromatic profile in which the malt taste harmoniously blends with the typical fruity esters of this kind of recipe. This esters are enhanced by the fruity and herbaceous aroma of prickly pears, giving it the perfect balance in the sweetish aftertaste.

It expresses its best notes in combination with dishes

such as seafood soups, mussels soups or cous cous.

Best to serve at 10-12 ° C in a low tulip glass.


IBU 30 - Alc. 7.7%



Dried figs and thyme flavored belgian ale

It is a belgian style beer with coppery color and reddish reflections, for this reason, its name is the same of the particular and spectacular tuna fishing technique. The aromatic profile, that recalls ripe fruit,

is perfectly balanced by the bitterness of hops which enhances its fruity and spicy notes. 

At every sip, the palate is initially invaded by the fresh, herbaceous and floral aroma of thyme,

solidly supported by the noble notes of the german hops "Mittelfruh", followed by

the light and pleasant effervescence that gradually leave room to a delicate alcoholic warmth.

The sip finishes with the sweet and velvety finish of dried figs.


Ideal in combination with first courses such as pasta with "favignanese pesto" or

even in combination with main courses such as grilled swordfish.


To best enjoy this Belgian beer, it is recommended to serve it

at 8-10 °C in a tulip-shaped glass.


IBU 30 - Alc. 8.5%


Carob flavored Russian Imperial Stout

It is definitely a beer out of the box, black, opaque, impenetrable,

with a very complex and articulated profile of flavors and aromas.

Flavors lean towards roasted with clear hints of coffee and cocoa,

to which is added the sweet and woody notes of the carob beans,

well balanced by a sustained bitter taste coming from hops.

It has a characteristic hazelnut-colored foam and

a very velvety and persistent final aftertaste, almost "tarry",

which accompanies the  sensation of heat due to the high alcohol content.

It can be enjoyed simply on its own or

as an accompaniment to chocolate sweets and

desserts, dry pastries or biscuits.

It is recommended to taste it at 12-14 ° C

in a low tulip-shaped chalice.


IBU 70 - Alc. 10.5%



Bohemian Pilsner


It is a beer very clear and golden in color, with a fresh and characteristic taste,

with a dry and clean finish.

The intense hopping releases a delicate, floral and spicy aroma,

typical of Saaz hops.


It gives its best  as an accompaniment to a good pizza, or also in combination with

pasta, rice, cereals, salads, vegetables and dishes based on chicken or salmon.


Best to serve at a 5-8 °C in a tall and narrow glass or in a classic beer mug.


IBU 40 - Alc. 5.0%


Bavarian Weizen

It is a beer made with a mix of wheat and barley with

a splendid turbidity that accentuates its golden color.

It has an intense and exceptionally balanced aroma, with a moderately dry

and acidulous aftertaste enriched with  notes of banana and cloves.

It is very refreshing and very pleasant in combination with dishes based on white and red meats, game, fish, but also as an accompaniment to barbeque, pizza, ethnic cuisine and dishes with seafood.


It gives its best if served at 6-8 °C in a weizenglass, that is a beer glass

designed specifically for the tasting of this beer style.


IBU 15 - Alc. 5.0%



American Pale Ale

It is an amber beer characterized for a very strong bitterness, with an enveloping, spicy, floral scent of resin and pine, a citrus flavor with notes of toasted and caramel obtained by American hops and thanks also to the addition of Cascade in dry hopping.

This beer can be happily combined with tasty and not so complex dishes, or simply drunk alone.

The distinctive bitter aftertaste of this beer, makes it excellent in combination with dishes where bitter herbs are used, or as accompainment with fatty and spicy dishes like roasts with baked potatoes, hamburgers and fries with fatty or savory sauces,

but also for simple salads with grilled chicken.

Best to serve at 9-10 °C in a conic glass like the characteristic nonic.



IBU 50 - Alc. 6.2%


Belgian Tripel

It is the classic Trappist-style beer of belgian origin. It is a very alcoholic beer,

with a medium body, clear and golden in color. It presents a complex aroma
of malt, combined with fruity esters, with a dry and sweetish aftertaste.

This beer is excellent as accompaniment to red meats, risotto with mushrooms, ethnic and spicy cuisine, game, aged cheeses, cheeses with herbs, but also with chocolate sweeties and dry pastries.


Best to serve at a 10-12 °C in a low tulip-shaped chalice.


IBU 30 - Alc. 7.7%



Strong Belgian Ale

The intense aromatic profile reminds of ripe fruit and cloves,

and is well supported by a soft malty taste perfectly balanced by the bitterness

of hops which enhances flavor like fruity andspicy. In every sip the palate is invaded

by a pleasant effervescence and a delicate but perceptible alcoholic heat.

To be tasted in combination with roasts, barbeques and

smoked foods, red meats, cheeses, cured meats and pizza.

To best enjoy this Belgian beer, it should be served at 8-10 °C in a tulip-shaped glass.


IBU 30 - Alc. 8.5%


Red Imperial IPA - Special Edition 2021

Special and limited edition, available in only 120 bottles, dedicated to one of the most fascinating and prominent figures of the Florio family: by the sicilians she was called "The Queen of Sicily", Kaiser William II nicknamed her "Star of Italy", while Gabriele D'Annunzio called her the "Only One".

We have conceived in his honor a beer with a very strong character,

with a very intense taste and aroma of hops, also due to the consistent dry hopping

that enhances the notes of citrus, floral, spicy, resinous and tropical fruit.

The bitterness, unquestionably pronounced, is supported by a light and pleasant taste of malt followed by an evident, but pleasant, alcoholic heat. With a very deep mahogany color and 

reddish reflections, it is a strong, pungent, but elegant beer, just like Franca Florio.

It goes perfectly with dishes with a strong character, such as spicy dishes,

but also with seafood, fatty fish, grilled meats and vegetables.

It should be served at 8 °C in a low tulip glass or in a teku, both glasses with a shape that allow you to fully appreciate all the aromas and nuances expressed by the many hops used in this recipe.

IBU 75 - Alc. 9.7%

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